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Aerial view of a covered shot ready to blast.
Follow this link to see an arial pictures of structure S65B as it was being prepared for demolition.
Drilling in progress on the second pier.

Precision Drilling & Blasting

Jared Redyke





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Jared has been employed at DYKON since 1989. Prior to this date, he worked at DYKON summers, holidays and weekends for several years. He is a graduate of John Brown University with a degree in Business Management and Construction Management.

His experience in the uses of explosives include:  Rock blasting for utilities, site development, road cuts, quarries, etc. and for demolition blasting include: building implosion, smokestacks, bridges, industrial structures, reinforced concrete as well as various other applications.  Since 1989 Jared has actively participated in the management and implementation of all Dykonís projects. 

Jared began full time employment at Dykon upon his graduation from college.  He single handedly managed all the rock drilling and blasting operations for Dykon at that time, as well as his duties for the demolition activities that Dykon was most recognized for. 

Jared opened Dykon Blasting Corp in 1997, a separate corporation, to better service Dykon's growing rock drilling and blasting business.  Within a few short years, the new rock drilling and blasting corporation grew to service 4 states, and to date, now provides controlled blasting in utility construction, site work, pipelines, road excavations, and quarries for the entire central region of the United States.  Jared is a licensed blaster in over 25 states.

Jared is the sole owner and president of Dykon Blasting Corp. and has seen the company grow to surpass the capacity of the sister company which is one of the world's largest explosive demolition contractors.  A complete list of all rock drilling and blasting projects that Jared has managed can be seen in the Work History section of our web site.     www.dykon-blasting.com

He is Oklahoma Miner Training Institute trained and certified and holds numerous state and Canadian Blasting Licenses. He is a member of the International Society of Explosive Engineers and National Association of Demolition Contractors.  Jared currently sits on the board of directors of the Ozark Chapter of the Society of Explosive Engineers.

Contact Information:

Office:          (918) 59-BLAST (592-5278)
Cell:              (918) 740-3426
Email:           jared@dykon-blasting.com

Born:  September 11, 1972

  • Member of the International Society of Explosive Engineers  (ISEE)
  • Member of the Ozark Chapter Society of Explosive Engineers.  (Serves on the Board of Directors)


  • Graduate of John Brown University, Siloam Springs, AR
  • Eastern Oklahoma State University Miner Training Institute, Wilburton, OK
  • Graduate of Thomas Edison High School, Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Mine Safety and Health Administration Miner Training
  • Mine Safety and Health Administration Supervisor Training
  • ISEE Blaster's Certification Program


  • Explosive Technician with 18 yrs experience in demolition, utility, site work and highway blasting.
  • Computer Operator with 22 yrs experience on spreadsheets, databases, cad programs and word processors, and seismograph waveform analysis software.
  • Seismograph operator with 18 years of experience using White Industrial Seismology and Vibra-Tech seismic equipment.


  • C. W. ( Mickey) Bradley        Bradley Safety Consultants, Inc.        (918) 465-3405  
  • Richard Williams                    W. N. Couch, Inc.                               (918) 836-8816
  • Tommy McGuire                    McGuire Bros Const Co                    (918) 224-2764
  • Jimmy Jones                           Jimmy Jones Excavation                    (870) 423-8621
  • Dean Crouse                           Crouse Construction                          (870) 741-8622  
  • Randy Wheeler                       White Industrial Seismology              (417) 624-0164
  • Kurt Oaks                               Olson Explosives                               (563) 382-2953
  • Dane Braden                           Explosive Contractors, Inc.               (417) 337-7600
  • Steve Rainwater                     Duane Hockum Co.                            (816) 769-8010
  • John Priest                             Crossland Construction                     (918) 712-1441
  • Steve Long                             Jerico Services                                               (515) 961-6207
  • Chad Weisler                          Van Horn Const                                  (501) 968-2514



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