A Tulsa Retirement Community
McGuire Brothers Construction
Tulsa, Oklahoma
This project was for a Tulsa, OK based retirement community that has an onsite medical staff to provide for the health needs of the residents.  This community offers an outstanding residential and support structure for its clientele.

During the construction of the village apartments, rock was encountered in the sewer line ditches.  McGuire Brothers Construction Company, of Tulsa, Oklahoma was the contractor performing the line work for this project.  Tom McGuire contacted Dykon Blasting Corp. to perform the blasting for the ditch line work.

Some of the line work on this project saw the sewer service running alongside and between some of the newly constructed apartment buildings.  The distances between the blasting and the new apartments came as close as 15 feet from the centerline of the sewer.  New concrete is particularly sensitive to vibration of any kind.  It is not completely set up until about 14 days after it has been poured or placed.  These apartments have a rock lined exterior finish that requires the use of a concrete type mortar that holds the rock finish in place.  Construction of these apartments was well underway when it became apparent that Precision Controlled Rock Blasting would be necessary to complete the project. 

McGuire Brothers Construction Company is a top-notch construction company and has been a highly respected and long term client of Dykon Blasting Corp.  McGuire Brothers Construction has been in the utility construction business since 1967 and has operated successfully in Tulsa, Oklahoma since then.  Dykon Blasting Corp. has performed numerous blasting projects for Tom over the years.  One notable project being the Apache Sewer Interceptor in Northeast Tulsa, Oklahoma.  This project had over 14,000 feet of sewer trench, much of which was over 25 feet deep, running alongside an AT&T fiber optic phone line less than 20 feet away from the centerline of the sewer.

The rock excavation for this project was made unusually difficult due to the new concrete that was present on the apartment buildings only a few feet away from the sewer line.  We would like to thank Tommy McGuire for their trust and cooperation on this Project.  A successful blasting project requires the joint efforts of everyone involved and Tom McGuire is one of the best when it comes to that.  The blasting for this project was a success and we look forward to working with McGuire Construction Company for many more years.

We have assembled some digital pictures and movie clips of the most critical part of the blasting for this project.  You can click on each thumbnail below to view the larger version of the picture.  A Video clip is located just below the still images.  Thank you for your interest in Dykon Blasting Corp.

This picture shows the ditch line after a blast.  The red painted rocks on the ground are where the next set of blast holes will be drilled. Brock is drilling the blast holes, Chester is logging the location and quantity of rock in each hole for the blast design. Brock is drilling the blast holes for a shot that is 15 feet from the edge of an apartment building. Holes being drilled for a ditch shot.  The centerline of the trench is about 15 feet from the edge of the apartment building.
inspecting the rock finish on the apartment building to verify that no damage occurred from the blast. The broken and swelled ground in the foreground of the picture is after a shot.  Brock is taking the ground vibration recording from the seismograph monitor set up next to the apartment building. This picture shows the ground swell after a shot. This picture shows the ground swell after a shot.
Danger... Explosives...  Keep away.   In everything that you do, always be safe. The stakes are marking the sewer centerline where it goes between the apartments.  We don't know what Chester is doing here, but he ought to be working. This is the ground swell after a shot beside one of the apartment buildings.  The stake is marking the center of the trench.  The center of the ditch is only about 30 feet from the edge of the apartment building. This is the center of a shot about 30 feet from the edge of one of the apartments.  The boxes and brown sticks on the ground behind the shot hold explosives to be loaded into the holes drilled for the next shot.
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