Jenkins Quarry Photos

Jenkins Quarry is located near Cassville, Missouri on Highway 248.  It is owned by Corky Stehlick and managed by Mike Ennes.  This quarry was originally opened to produce concrete rock for Barry County Ready Mix, also owned and managed by Corky Stehlick. 

Through the years, this quarry has grown to produce a whole host of aggregate products.  Interested aggregate buyers in the quarry area can contact Mike Ennes at (417) 574-6530.

Quarry shot at a distance
Quarry Shot from above
Getting ready to load a shot
Getting ready to load a shot
The explosives delivery truck on a shot
Picture of the quarry benches
Picture of the quarry highwalls
Picture of the de-watering pump and air compressor

Click on the image to see a 16,000 ton shot done June 14, 2002

After the shot


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